Peace and Liberty Foundation

Serving Those in Need

How We Serve


The Peace and liberty Foundation believes that education is significantly importnat tool for transforming the lives and connecting the privileged and the marginalized. Through its educational programs the Peace and Liberty Foundation is resolutely determined to increasing literacy rate by providing education to ithe marginalized groups who predominantly are the orphaned, the needy, and the helpless kids and young ones, who cannot afford the schooling. The foundation not only provide education but also helps with food, clothing, books, stationery and shelter. They are the people who often times go hungry because of extreme poverty. Lack of resources creates a huge gap between the privileged and the Haves not. Thus, the education remains the best of all tools available to mainstream the marginalized and the persecuted ones. The Peace and Liberty Foundation provides best possible facilities to provide its beneficiaries education which brings them social, political, economical, psychological and mental strength and contentment.

Youth Empowerment

Passionate, animated, ambitious, motivated, enthusiastic as well as well-organized and well-disciplined youth is a fundamental component of any healthy community. The Peace and Liberty Foundation is endowing the youth of the outskirts area of the society. The foundation organizes adventurous, informative, recreational and educational tours of different areas of Pakistan. It also organizes sports festivals, youth seminars and training sessions empowering the youth with social, political and basic human rights awareness. Dozens of tours, seminars, training sessions and sports festivals have been arranged in this regard.

Community Capacity Building

Skills are another key factor in enabling the community and persistently ongoing exchange of skills and knowledge and its transformation always can enrich the capacity of any community. The Foundation is playing a pivotal role in improving the capabilities and abilities of the community. Various skills and informational programs arranged by the organization plays a significant and extensive role in community capacity building.


The Peace and Liberty Foundation firmly believes that right to health-care is one of the basic human rights. However, it has been experimental that in many areas of Pakistan even the basic medical care is a dream to many. Numbers of reasons are responsible to this such as distance of the nearest health service facility, high prices of drugs and other care services, lack of health related awareness etc. The net result of such circumstances is that the people are least aware of very basics like their blood group or Blood Pressure readings etc. Plunging into this deplorable condition, the Foundation has established its very effective health care unit. The Peace and Liberty Foundation provide the facility of medical help and treatment to the marginalized, depressed and destitute victims that suffer persecution and are not in a position to help themselves when sick and weak. The foundation provides following services up to now and hopes to expand its services further according to the sources available. The foundation provides these services free of cost: Blood grouping camps Blood donating society Diabetic camps Eye camps Basic medicines for simple diseases etc. The organization also provides medical help to the people in the disaster areas such as flood areas.

Emergency Relief

Very enthusiastic and dedicated team volunteers at the Peace and Liberty Foundation remains prepared as a quick response for coping up the situations arising from natural disasters: floods, earthquakes and breaking out fires etc. The foundation worked very efficiently when the monsoon rains and floods caused widespread devastation in Punjab. The organization distributes relief packages in the flood areas of the districts of Jhang and Layya and its vicinity. The food packages, distributed among the rain victims, bricks kiln workers, consisted of wheat flour, cooking oil, rice, sugar, pulses, dry milk, tea and other kitchen items, and we were also help with clothing, blankets, toilet and washing soaps, anti-bacterial liquids, mosquito nets along with other necessities of life.

Sustainable Development

The Peace and Liberty Foundation provides help and assistance to general public in their access to social justice, human rights, sustainable development and gender equality, as well to create inter-religious harmony in the society. The foundation helps and facilitates the marginalized people in such a way that they can stand their own feet and live their lives independently with fair just shared resources. The Foundation highly discourages making the lives of the people dependent for good, but believes in self-help ethics.

Spiritual Counseling

The Peace and Liberty Foundation organizes Bible seminars, recollections, retreats, visit to holy shrine, debate sessions, brainstorming sessions on small scale and conventions on larger scale giving the people spiritual awareness helping them leading their lives according to the true paths advised by our Almighty Lord for His good believers. We visit far remote areas for spiritual counseling of the masses. We pray that many, through Peace and Liberty Foundation, come to faith and love and experience the encounter with the Almighty! Faith in the lives of Pakistan is our aim!


The Peace and Liberty Foundation arranges different kind of spiritual, social, cultural, educational trips and informational festivals like students get together, Mina Bazars, Science Exhibitions, Bone Fires, Musical and singing programs, get together of professional students, sports festivals etc to bring the people of different social classes, races and sects to promote equality and harmony. Festivals always play a pivotal role for people getting socially to know each other well.

You Can Help!

The Peace and Liberty Foundation would like to offer you an opportunity to display your mutual social, spiritual, psychological, economic and political responsibility in the best interest of the community for mainstreaming the marginalized. Your joining with us in faith, trust, prayers and expectancy is desperately needed and highly appreciated!