Peace and Liberty Foundation

Serving Those in Need

About Us

The Peace and Liberty Foundation is an organization by common people to embark upon the phenomonal work with the zeal of helping the oppressed, discriminated, persecuted and the most vulnerable people who suffer because of their faith, caste and creed.
PLF is non-profit, non-partisan, non-political and non-Governmental organization working with the marginalized, oppressed, discriminated, persecuted and the most vulnerable people. The organization facilitates and educates the poor people of under developed areas in the targeted communities. The Foundation has substantially attained the status of a prominence figure and is miraculously doing what it was created for, and at present the foundation is blessed to provide its beneficiries education, spiritual guidance, recreational and medical counseling and dignified relief, care and support programs. The PLF is transforming the lives creating the enabling environment for the people to link and connect the privileged and the marginalized. The foundation believes that education is one of the most important tools to mainstream the marginalized, oppressed, discriminated, persecuted and the most vulnerable people.


Our vision is a prosperous, peaceful, harmonized and successful society where everyone would enjoy equal human dignity.


Our mission is to mainstream the marginalized, oppressed and persecuted ones with the hope and determination that their physical, mental, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual needs be taken care of by taking recourse to all available resources and expertise.


We work through mobilization, action, education, informational and transformational programmes, capacity building facilities, awareness and training workshops, and through research and recreational activities.

You Can Help!

The Peace and Liberty Foundation would like to offer you an opportunity to display your mutual social, spiritual, psychological, economic and political responsibility in the best interest of the community for mainstreaming the marginalized. Your joining with us in faith, trust, prayers and expectancy is desperately needed and highly appreciated!