Peace and Liberty Foundation

Serving Those in Need

The Peace and Liberty Foundation is an organization by common people to embark upon the phenomonal work with the zeal of helping the oppressed, discriminated, persecuted and the most vulnerable people who suffer because of their faith, caste and creed.

Who We Are

The Peace and Liberty Foundation works with the marginalized, oppressed, persecuted and the most vulnerable people of the society. The Foundation enthusiastically strives to link the poor and the rich through educational, Spiritual, Healthcare, Emergency Relief, and by assuring the Civil Rights of the common people through the care and support programs. The Peace and Liberty Foundation passionately desirous for a society where the dignity of the human beings is protected, where the targeted beneficiaries would enjoy the basic rights to life and liberty, and thus are free from discrimination and persecution torture. The Foundation focuses on education, health, women empowerment, human rights, child rights, emergency relief, youth empowerment, community capacity building, emergency relief, sustainable development and spiritual assistance on the basis of self-help ethics. The organization stands against any and all kinds of human rights violations.

You Can Help!

The Peace and Liberty Foundation would like to offer you an opportunity to display your mutual social, spiritual, psychological, economic and political responsibility in the best interest of the community for mainstreaming the marginalized. Your joining with us in faith, trust, prayers and expectancy is desperately needed and highly appreciated!